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JAWS Multi Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit Includes JAWS Keep Bottle, Sprayer and two (2) JAWS Multi Purpose Cleaner Refills Pods.


The all-rounder, introducing JAWS Cleans newest product – Jaws Cleans Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Safe for surfaces, safe for the environment and an effective cleaner for your home or office.


Do you want an effective dirt and grim buster that is also safe to use on most surfaces around your home? Use JAWS Cleans Multi-Purpose Cleaner!


JAWS Cleans Multi-Purpose Cleaner allows you to spray and wipe away all that dirt and grime from household and office surfaces such as benchtops, floors, tools, automotive surfaces and many more.


A lavender scented, fast acting multi-purpose cleaner is the perfect compliment to your everyday cleaning needs. 


  • JUST ADD WATER: Fill the JAWS Cleans Keep Bottle with water, insert the JAWS Refill Pod and apply the sprayer to release the concentrate.


  • THE ORIGINAL REFILL POD CLEANING SYSTEM: Our technology has saved over 40 million bottles from landfills!


  • Lightly Scented: A relaxing lavender scent


  • Child – Resistant Refills: Includes 2 Refill Pods of our Glass Cleaner


  • Streak Free Cleaning – JAWS Cleans streak free formulas save you time not having to go over and over the same spot.


  • ECO-Friendly Cleaning System – JAWS Cleans Keep Bottles and Refills reduce your plastic waste by 83% vs traditional spray bottles!


JAWS Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit - Includes Keep Bottle and two Refill Pod

100 Milliliters
GST Included