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Starter Kit includes JAWS Glass Keep Bottle, Sprayer and two (2) Refills.


Simply the best Glass Cleaner! And that’s not our opinion but that of several users and awards over the years. Try today for streak free clear glass and screens with no ammonia or alcohol in the formula.


If you are looking for a safe, effective and environmentally friendly glass cleaner, then you really can not look past JAWS Cleans Glass Cleaner.


With no ammonia or alcohol in its formulation, and JAWS Cleans child safe refills the JAWs Cleans Glass Cleaner really does shine through.


For streak free cleaning simply spray and wipe with our micro-fibre cloths or a squeegee for the ultimate in clean, clear windows.


The JAWS Cleans Glass Cleaner is also safe to use on your I-pad, phone screen and even TV’s to ensure the best viewing. Wipes away those fingerprint smudges and dust with confidence knowing you are not harming your device.


JAWS Cleans Glass Cleaner refill system allow you to improve your view and reduce your carbon and waste footprints at the same time. Collectively JAWS Cleans has saved more than 40 million plastic bottles from landfills around the world. By choosing JAWS Cleans Glass Cleaner, you are reducing your plastic usage by 83% when compared to other traditional store purchased glass cleaners.


  • Versatile: Works great on windows, stainless steel, electronics, eyeglasses, mirror and more.


  • JUST ADD WATER: Fill the JAWS Cleans Keep Bottle with water, insert the JAWS Refill Pod and apply the sprayer to release the concentrate.


  • Child – Resistant Refills: Includes 2 Refill Pods of our Glass Cleaner


  • Streak Free Cleaning – JAWS Cleans streak free formulas save you time not having to go over and over the same spot.


  • EPA SAFER CHOICE – JAWS Cleans Kitchen is listed with the EPA Safer Choice Certified program, marking it as safe to use around kids and pets.


  • ECO-Friendly Cleaning System – JAWS Cleans Keep Bottles and Refills reduce your plastic waste by 83% vs traditional spray bottles!



JAWS Glass & Hard Surface Starter Kit - Includes Keep Bottle and two refills

100 Milliliters
GST Included

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