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llifeR liquid Laundry pouches get your washing clean and fresh. These powerfull 11g concentrated pouches of Liquid Laundry pouches are powered by commercially proven enzymes that eat away at dirty laundry. 


Just one pouch per 7kg load of washing is all you need, washing in a 10KG machine - use two pouches (check the FAQ's page for more information). 


With a clean, fresh scent your laundry will be ready to fold and use next time round. Made in the USA for a leading brand, llifeR pouches give you real value for money to beat the current cost of living crisis. 


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Also available as a five pack bundle which is further discounted!! 

Bulk Pack llifeR Liquid Laundry Pouches - 5 * 48 Pack (240 Pouches)

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