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Commercial strength dishwashing for your home, and all in a dissolvable pouch that creates less waste and lower carbon emissions!


The llifeR Dishwasher pouches are commercial strength dishwashing powder packaged in a convenient and easy to use dissolvable film. Simply add one to your dishwasher along with your dishes and sparkling clean dishes will follow.


Strong and powerful cleaning agents work against the toughest of grease and grime from your pots and pans to your plates and glassware, providing an effective and beautiful clean item for it’s next use.


Try llifeR’s Dishwasher Pouches today and save $$$ as well as reducing your waste and carbon footprint compared with using other traditional dishwashing products.

llifeR’s dishwashing pods have a light citrus orange scent.


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Also available as a five pack bundle which is further discounted again!! 

Bulk Pack - llifeR Dishwasher Pouches - 5 * 48 Pack (240 Pouches)

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